Posted on: March 21, 2009 6:32 pm

Sweet 16 Predictions

 These are my predictions for the Sweet 16 Round. Hope you enjoy.

1Louisville vs 13Cleveland St.- Louisville should beat 9Siena and I expect Cleveland St. to upset 12Arizona.

3Kansas vs 2Michigan St.- Kansas should easily beat 11Dayton and Michigan St. should beat 10Southern Cal.


1Connecticut vs 5Purdue- Connecticut has already secured a place and I expect Purdue to upset 4Washington.

3Missouri vs 2Memphis- Missouri should have a easy game aginst 6Marquette and Memphis has already cinched a spot.


1Pittsburg vs 4Xavier- Pittsburg should beat 8Oklahoma St. and Xavier sjould beat 12Wisconsin.

3Villanova vs 2Duke- Villanove has already cinched a spot in the Sweet 16 and Duke should quickly despose of 7Texas.


1North Carolina vs 4Gonzaga- North Carolina has a easy game against 8LSU and Gonzaga has a tough game against Western Kentucky.

3Syracuse vs 2Oklahoma- Syracuse has to play 6Arizona St. and Memphis plays 10Michigan.


These are my Sweet 16 picks and if you disagree post with the match-up and who you think should be playing.

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Posted on: March 20, 2009 4:59 pm

Some Round 2 Match-ups

 Some of the match-ups that are already in the 2nd round are:

1Connecticut vs 9Texas AM- Connecticut will most likely win this game and advance to the Sweet 16 Round against either Purdue or Washington.

4Washington vs 5Purdue- This will be a very close game that will be right down to the wire. I would suggest taking 4th seed Washington to advance to the Sweet 16 against either Connecticut or Texas AM.

2Memphis vs 10Maryland- Maryland made a big upset against California and Memphis killed CS Northridge. Even though Maryland made a big upset I would still suggest picking Memphis to move on to the Sweet 16 Round.

3Villanova vs 6UCLA- I predict that this will be a vary close game. The winner could go either way and I predict there to be alot of lead changes and be a very entertaining game.

2Duke vs 7Texas- Texas just getting off of a big win against 10th seed Minnesota, will be planning to take Duke right down to the final seconds of the game. Duke expecting another easy game ,as the one they had against Binghamton, might not be playing at full speed and that may be the weekness of the Duke club. I suggest still picking Duke, but consider putting Texas' big game against Minnesota in consideration.

1North Carolina vs 8LSU- The Tar Heels will be expecting to march right into this game, defeat LSU and get prepared for their next game against either Gonzaga or Western Kentucky, but the Tigers aren't going down without a fight. North Carolina probably hasn't reached their highest level, playing only Radford, but LSU have just finished their close game against the Butler Bulldogs. Besides the fact North Carolina is a very talented team and expect them to beat the LSU Tigers.

4Gonzaga vs 12Western Kentucky- What a upset Western Kentucky pulled off against Illinois last night. Western Ky. expect to have another game like that aginst Gonzaga, but they probably will be wrong. Gonzaga had a close game against the Akron Zips, but they pulled out everything in the last 10 minutes of the game, giving them the win. This will be another great game and it can go either way.

2Oklahoma vs 10Michigan- This will be a very interesting game. I know that Oklahoma is the 2nd seed and they are a great team, but I have no clue who will win this game. Oklahoma made quick time of Morgan St. and Michigan badly upset Clemson. This match is going to be very good and I will be watching it with no favorite.

There is some other matchs that will happen and the teams that will play have not yet been decided. Some teams that have not gotten oppenents yet, but are in the second round are:

3Kansas, 6Marquette, 8 Oklahoma St. and 3Syracuse


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